26 and 27 October 2013

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"Open Source Onderwijs"; de gang van zaken.
15 j Open source bij Don Bosco Wilrijk (Antwerpen), infrastructuur en ondersteunende applicaties in een kleine schoolomgeving.
Bash: a Neglected Tool With a Lot of Possibilities (An Introduction)
Bigger data with PostgreSQL 9
Building New SQL
Building your own anti-burglary system
CQRS - Architecture for scalable web applications
Creating a SElinux module for cgi scripts
De 'open' generatiekloof anno 2013
De Pinguïn houdt van Muzikanten!
Deugt Website@School eigenlijk wel?
Drupal for e-learning
Dulwich: Discovering the basics of Git
EasyHacks in LibreOffce
Fighting latency: How to optimize your system using perf
Free as in Freedom, how Free Software can save you from PRISM
Ganeti: virtualisation clusters for Linux.
GCW Zero: the making of an open source handheld game console
Het dagelijkse leven anno 2050
Hogeschool Leiden kiest voor LPI certificering bij Pearson.
How much automation do you need?
ixi-Play an Android based robot buddy for young kids
LibrePlan, from 1.3 to 1.4. A small step in version, a large step for humanity?
LPI Exams
Manage your digital (media) assets across applications with MediaMosa
Moving CFEngine 3 forward
New SQL Security Approach
Open (source) hardware in het (basis)onderwijs: MakeyMakey, Arduino (en Scratchboard/Picoboard?)
Open ICT is een basisvoorziening
Open Invention Network as the practical solution for open source community against patent aggression
Open source middleware for Internet of Things
Openness at HKU Music & Technology
OpenTaal - Taal is van ons allemaal
Opleidingen moeten leren met een office-programma om te gaan!
Presentatie: Linux Flavourz Education Foundation
Project 'Je PC na XP'
Put your data on a map!
Scaling the cloud
Scratch4arduino meets the Arduino robot
The Internet of Things
The Unix command line interface and its tools: a quick but advanced introduction
The Unix operating system: a quick but advanced introduction
Vim Workshop
What's happening with DNSSEC?
Workshop: PDF-KungFoo with Ghostscript & Co.
Xerte online Toolkit