Freeing the Device Spectrum

  • Posted on: 24 August 2012
  • By: sebas
Sebastian Kügler
Track 2 (main)

Plasma Active is a Free software system built to support a spectrum of devices. It is based on a well-known and proven Free software stack, and aims at providing a user experience that aligns with how people integrate devices into their (digital) life, rather than providing just a way to run applications on, all based on an entirely Free software system, open and hackable.

Plasma Active provides more than just a launcher for applications. For users, it is a system that models around his or her digital life. The concept of Activities organises the users' digital assets in a way unseen on current devices. For developers, Plasma Active provides an answer how to get their software onto the users' devices on their own terms, not dictacted by large corporations. Most importantly, Plasma Active is a system open to anyone's imagination.

A bit more than one year ago, the KDE community incepted the Plasma Active project, a concerted and holistic effort to crack open the market for devices and provide a Free software system beyond the desktop. Much has happened in the first year, the team has released two stable versions of the system, partnering with the Mer project has lead to a good number of devices supported and even a tablet device preinstalled with Plasma Active becoming available to customers around the world.

In his talk, Sebastian addresses a general audience and outlines concepts and achievements Plasma Active, and an outlook to what can be expected. Demoes round up his introduction.

16:00 - 17:00 hrs
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