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  • Posted on: 18 August 2012
  • By: marceln
Marcel Nijenhof
Track 3 (right)

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) want's to offer PBT LPI exams at T-DOSE.

LPI Certifications are globaly accepted certifications that are:
- Designed by a community of Linux professionals, volunteers, vendors and educators
- Challenging: if you don't know the subjects you won't pass
- Accessible and available at thousands of test centres around the world or at special events
- Of high quality: relying on critical input from numerous Linux experts and employing scientific and industry-recognized psychometric processes
- Distribution-neutral: verifying knowledge on any standard Linux system
- Relevant: surveying thousands to determine the skills that need to be tested
- Supported and sponsored by a large number of Linux companies and projects
- A certification the Linux community can respect and be proud of

At T-DOSE we want to offer certification for:
- Linux Essentials (€ 50,-)
- LPI 101, 102 (€ 90,-)
- LPI 201, 202 (€ 90,-)
- LPI 301 (€150,-)
- LPI 302, 303, 304 (€90,-)

Registration is possible using this link: https://lpievent.lpice.eu/index.php

14:00 - 15:00 hrs
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