How to lobby for open source and Linux in schools

  • Posted on: 11 September 2014
  • By: emiel300373
Education (Open Source in Onderwijs)
Emiel Brok
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About 8 years ago, I started lobbying to bring more Linux and open source software to high schools and higher IT vocational institutions in the Netherlands and Belgium. I will tell how I did it and what you can learn from my experiences. Or even better I would like to learn from you how we can push Linux and open source software even further!

I focus on the curriculum for IT education. Up until five years ago, I was like a voice in the desert when I advocated for Linux and open source in curricula.

A development which will take down a lot of barriers for schools who want to teach Linux, is the availability of free Linux material through the Cisco Academy. Since this schoolyear ten million students worldwide have free access to Linux entry level teaching materials though this method. This concerns teaching material based on the worldwide set of learning goals by LPI Linux Essentials.

Is your school teaching Linux and open source software?

The train has left the station, and it’s not going to stop. It’s up to schools and teachers to make sure they jump aboard. Will you?

Originally published in the Dutch Linux Magazine, Issue 15, July/August 2014.
In English it will be published in week 38 on

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