How much automation do you need?

  • Posted on: 28 March 2013
  • By: matt
System Administration
Matt Rechenburg
Track 2 (main)

Fully automated IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service) Environments aka "Private Cloud" are a great way to increase flexibility and agility for your IT. The capability to request server on demand via a Self-Service Portal can dramatically increase the speed of general IT processes and workflows.
Common Use-Cases for Private Clouds are e.g. Developer- and QA-Teams which do not have to wait for server deployments any more.

On the other hand a Private Cloud affects all layers of a common datacenter such as: System- and Service Monitoring, Highavailability, Security, Server- and VM Deployment, Network-, DNS-, VLAN and IP-Management, System-Documentation, Configuration Management, VM- and Storage Administration, Out-of-Band Management, cost allocation and billing. It also affects all different departments and system-manager administrating those datacenter layers.
Resulting from that gaining full automation for a Private Cloud is much more than just automatically creating Virtual Machines!

This talk provides strategies, recommendations and solutions for a 100% automated IT-Infrastructure with Self-Service on behalf of a private Cloud Use-Case with the openQRM Platform.

The mathematical function for this talk:

+ automated Monitoring (Nagios/Icinga, Zabbix, Collectd)
+ automated Highavailability (openQRM N-to-1, N-to-0 and N-to-VM HA, Linux Cluster Mangement Console)
+ automated Deployment (Automatic Installation, LinuxCOE, Cobbler, FAI, Opsi, Cloning- and Snapshot Deployments)
+ automated DNS and IP-Manangement
+ automated Configuration Management (Puppet)
+ automated cost allocation (openQRM Cloud Billing System, openQRM Cloud API)
== 100% Self-Service for Cloud Users

12:00 - 13:00 hrs
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