The Unix command line interface and its tools: a quick but advanced introduction

  • Posted on: 25 October 2013
  • By: jpsaman
System Administration
Sander Bos
Track 3 (right)

This session covers an advanced introduction into to Unix command
line interface (shell) and standard Unix command line tools (cp, ls,
awk, grep, cut, sed, find, xargs, ...) in particular. The famous Unix
feature of combining smaller building blocks into larger command lines
for doing more complex tasks will be explained and demonstrated.

Note that the difficulty level of this talk is not defined
beforehand: the audience is encouraged to indicate what Unix command
line utilities it would like to see covered, and specific questions
about command line interface tools (or its options) are also welcomed.
Hence, the session aims to be interactive, with audience questions and
feedback welcomed throughout (note though that this is not a workshop!).

If you are new to Unix/Linux or not an advanced user, or perhaps
even if you are new to free and open source software in general (of
which Unix is a big part today) or mostly using Unix with its graphical
user interface, this talk will certainly be of interest to you.

This talk is preceded by another talk by by Sander Bos, which
focuses on the Unix operating system in general. Both talks can be
visited independently, but visitors are of course encouraged to attend
both if interested.

The talk will essentially be in English, but might switch to Dutch
in case all attendees speak Dutch (this will be queried beforehand).

12:00 - 13:00 hrs
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