Building New SQL

  • Posted on: 6 July 2013
  • By: silly_sad
Software Development
Evgeny Panferov
Track 2 (main)

This article is focused on a controversy between relational algebra and SQL which the majority of us remains unaware of.
In order to solve this problem, I propose very simple and coherent query language, which is even more abstract than SQL -- this is my answer to the noSQL fad, which is abolishing abstraction and is going to impose amounts of dirty low-level coding to programmers.
In order to support my proposal, I am going to explain how SQL does not fit trendy yet very sound use cases, and to shed some light on very popular practices of misusing SQL.

This article is also a call for collaboration.

This article (if shortened) can be a basis for a full scale discussion on the topic of language design.
Here is the outline:
- split context (how and which?)
- enumerated types vs relations
- legitimacy of list constructors
- delimiters vs parenthesis
- combining queries with functions
- laziness and transactions
- do we need a procedural language
- constraints vs wrappers

The latest version of the article is located here:

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