In the Cloud with Android and OpenStack

  • Posted on: 3 September 2014
  • By: matt
Cloud Technologies
Matt Rechenburg
Track 2 (main)

A 100% automated IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) environment aka "private Cloud" is the key to significantly improve the flexibility and agility of IT administration. Common use cases for a private Clouds are Developer and QA teams with the goal to hand over the capability to automatically provision servers as they need them. As a comprehensive hybrid and multi-Cloud platform openQRM provides support for all mainstream virtualisations- and storage technologies plus integration with other cloud systems such as Amazon EC2, Eucalyptus and OpenStack. In addition to the flexible configurable, pure IaaS Cloud features one of the unique features of openQRM platform is a multi-functional system administration environment that enables efficient and automated IT management.

Peppered with tools for "bare-metal" and virtual machine deployment, service and system monitoring, high-availability in three layers, network and DNS management, storage and volume management for a wide range of different storage technologies, automated IT documentation and automatic installation of different operating systems (Linux, Windows, Android) exceeds the functionality of openQRM far from comparable "Cloud only" solutions.

This presentation provides strategies, recommendations and solutions for 100% automated IT environments and presents various use-cases of the openQRM Cloud IaaS platform. In a particular focus for this presentation are the completely revised openQRM Cloud portal and support for the Android OS in the cloud.

15:00 - 16:00 hrs
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