Open Source Projects

At the event location there is room for Open Source market and for community developer rooms. Stands and rooms are free of charge. Requests for stands and community rooms should be sent to: All requests will be handled in order, so don’t be late!


Project Contact Status
CentOS Dag Wieers confirmed
Debian Thijs Kinkhorst confirmed
KDE Adriaan de Groot confirmed
Linux Werkgroep Eindhoven Rene Elders confirmed
NetBeans   confirmed
NLLGG Marcel Nijenhof confirmed
OpenBravo Daniel Hukkelhoven confirmed
OpenBSD Wim van de Putte confirmed
OpenEmbedded Gerwin van der Kruis confirmed Arthur Buys confirmed
OpenTaal Bart Knubben confirmed
PGP Keysigning and CACert withThawte web-of-trust checks Johan van Selst confirmed
Syllable Bas de Lange confirmed
Ubuntu Dennis Kaarsemaker confirmed
VideoLAN Jean-Paul Saman confirmed
WifiSoft Marten Vijn confirmed