The following workshops will be available during T-DOSE event and they are free of charge.

Workshops Arduino (Saturday/Sunday 10:00-17:00) So you've been playing with your Arduino, maybe connecting some LEDs and sensors and wondering where to go next? Hackable Devices offers the possibility to get to know your Arduino just a little bit better. Using the Liquid Crystal library we'll help you to connect a standard 16-pin LCD screen to your Arduino and to program fun stuff on it.

Cabling is limited to the minimum thanks to the Grove open modular starter kits. For the die-hards there is the possibility to connect the screen to the Arduino using a breadboard and "real" wiring. As an aside, we'll demonstrate the use of keypads, which require additional libraries to be installed on top of the standard Arduino software. Furthermore, the somewhat more low-level components of the starter kit can be demonstrated, including buttons, temperature sensors and buzzers.