At the event location there is room for Open Source market and for community developer rooms. Stands and rooms are free of charge. Requests for stands and community rooms should be sent to: abstracts_AT_t-dose_DOT_org. All requests will be handled in order, so don’t be late!


Project Contact Status
CAcert J. Steijlen confirmed
Chicken Scheme Peter Bex confirmed
Debian Geert Stappers confirmed
Free Software Foundation Europe Mark Lamers confirmed
LibreOffice Cor Nouws confirmed
LPI Nederland Marcel Nijenhof confirmed
MadLab/OpenData René Pare confirmed
NLLGG Rutger van Sleen confirmed
OpenBSD Adriaan van Roosmalen confirmed
Open Source Ticket Request System (OTRS) Michiel Beijen confirmed
Perl Elizabeth Mattijsen confirmed
Ubuntu Rob Snelders confirmed