Stef Bon

Stef Bon

Born in the Zaanstreek, a region just above Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1967.
After Atheneum I went to study Mathematics in Enschede, a city near the German border. Specialized myself there in the use of computer for doing calculations on turbulence and the diffusion of heat and other physical processes. Of course I learned to use the computer, in the beginning Fortan and Pascal.

I started to work as programmer, working with Clipper, for different companies, like City Rotterdam Assurances, and a company selling software to traders in flowers. At this moment I live in Voorburg, near Den Hage, with my two cats, Nelis and Pinjo.

My interest is making Linux better for an arbitrary user, not having knowledge and don't want to learn. The project I'm working on is born out of this desire: make Linux more userfriendly, so users can find their way in no time.

Talk: Using FUSE to create a userfriendly layer.