Ubuntu for the Paranoid

Author: Kees Meijs
Slides: [1]

Almost all institutions and companies from which you can buy stuff require you to create an online account these days. The effect of which is that more and more you can take care of things yourself. Nice! Right...?

The increasing amount of accounts also means you need to memorize increasing amounts of passwords. For most people this number rises too high soon, so they start storing those passwords in files on a laptop or computer. Maybe you do this yourself too?

Now imagine someone steals your laptop or computer. Very annoying! Not only does this mean you're going to need to buy yourself a new one, but all your data and the file containing the passwords are now in possession of someone else! Maybe you've secured the system with a password. That might give you some peace of mind, but an experienced computer user usually knows how to circumvent these passwords.

Using a smartcard or a cryptographic token you can secure your data. How to easily secure and use such devices on Ubuntu Linux will be explained in this presentation.

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