XEO, an open source web development framework

Author: Pedro Rio

Creating modern web applications is a challenge. Users expect you to create them fast and functional. However, the business domain and logic of the application may not be simple and it's hard to capture the essence of the business by analysts and developers. XEO helps building web applications by providing feature-rich models that help capture the essence of a business and making it easier to communicate between clients, analysts and developers.

XEO is an open-source agile web development framework (for Java developers) that was initially developed as an internal product at ITDS to help developers creating better web apps by using an object-oriented approach and being based in model driven development.

XEO Models represent real-world entities and capture their properties as attributes. XEO Models have a set of features that allow you to capture business logic such as "when I create an Invoice, I go the Stocks and perform some calculations" or "when I add a new line to my invoice, I update the total price of the invoice", using concepts such as events and methods. Using XEO you don't have to worry about database tables, sql queries, triggering events, XEO Models provide an abstraction over those concepts and allow you to think in the business logic. Thightly integrated with XEO Models is a set of Web components that allow you to design your web interface directly connected to a Model definition, i.e. if you set a required attribute in a Model, the web interface will behave accordingly.
This talk will present the XEO Framework to the open-source community.