OpenStreetMap: the peopleʼs map

Author: Henk Hoff

OpenStreetMap started 5 years ago in London. It is now a major mapdata supplier. Several iPhone apps use maps based on OpenStreetMap data. Also on more and more websites you can find OpenStreetMap maps; e.g. the website of The White House. OpenStreetMap uses a complete different way to make maps. Everybody can participate in the project. If you find something wrong in the map: you can fix it yourself. Is a complete road missing: add it. This crowd source approach will make OpenStreetMap into the largest, most detailed and most up-to-date map of the world. And the best part is: itʼs free to use! But, what about quality of data? Is free really that free? What can you do with it? These questions, amongst others, will be discussed during this talk.