Author: Adrien Silvestre

Rathaxes is an open source mutli-os driver generator. Through a simple descriptive language we are aiming to ease, accelerate and improve the quality of driver code development. We work in collaboration with the LSE (EPITA/EPITECH system and security lab). Curently our compiler can generate code for three different operating systems, OpenBSD, linux and windows.

Our work is based on a thesis by a french doctor Laurent Reveillere, who lit the way by generating the lower layer of Ethernet drivers. During the conference we will present rathaxes' usability in the industry and research, and how Rathaxes eases the work of driver developer. We'll have a short didactic introduction about a device driver's anatomy and the different semantics associated with it that we had to isolate in order to develop the language. In a second time we will describe our DSL, its components and the simplicity of it for the description of a driver. Then we'll describe the compiler used to translate rathaxes code into c code for the targeted system.

Finally a short demonstration will show some generated code samples.