Pext - Python-based extendable tool

  • Posted on: 1 October 2017
  • By: SylvieLorxu
Software Development
Sylvia van Os
Track 3 (right)

Pext is GPLv3+ Python 3 application, available on GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows, which supports Pext modules to define its behaviour. Each module is loaded into its own tab and displays a list of entries the user can select from.

Pext's user interface and design is optimized to be quick, keyboard-friendly and to stay out of your way. The intended usage is to quickly perform a task in between your normal computer usage with as little interaction with Pext as possible. Imagine copying your GitHub password to your clipboard by typing gi<Enter><Enter>, tuning into SomaFM's IDM Internet radio station by typing ta<Enter>idm<Enter>so<Enter>, launching Firefox by typing fir<Enter> or copying that weird smiling cat emoji to your clipboard by typing cat sm<Enter>. The possibilities are endless.

With a simple API and the full power of Python, developers can write their own modules which decide what options to display to the user and how to react to each option.

Currently, 8 modules exist, ranging from password management to streaming Internet radio to launching applications like in dmenu.

This talk will introduce Pext, explain how it evolved into the application it is today, and explain the API so developers can get started making their own Pext modules if they wish.

More information and screenshots can be found on the homepage and GitHub. Documentation is available on ReadTheDocs.

14:00 - 15:00 hrs
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