T-DOSE 2008 is over

  • Posted on: 26 October 2008
  • By: jpsaman

This years T-DOSE was filled with prominent speakers on various topics. We had Kris Buytaert speaking about Drupal and Open Source virtualization, Ber Kessels talking about Drupal in large organizations, Dag Wieers talking about CentOS and mrepo, Onno Zweers talking about the first programmers in the Netherlands, Bert Boerland gave a talk about 42 reasons to start a Not For Profit organization, John Willis talking about Cloud computing and Geerd_Dietger Hoffmann gave a talk on how to use your wiimote for presentations and showed us all cool things you could do with it. As keynote speakers we had Arnoud Engelfriet and Ywein van den Brande talking about GPLv3 compliance, On sunday Ciaran O'Riordan from FSFE gave a talk about "Dangers of Software Patents and DRM".

Did you miss T-DOSE? Don't worry, CityTV recorded and broadcasted 12 talks during T-DOSE. Goto CityTV's (www.citytv.nl) website to see these talks. If you were at T-DOSE, then you can look at the talks you where not able to see this weekend. For the others it is a good way to see what T-DOSE is about. The streams are now available on CityTV's website, but will be made available on T-DOSE website also. It might take a while though.

Saturday evening it was time for the traditional Open Source social event. In contrast to last year we did not go to a Greek restaurant but to a normal dutch restaurant at the Markt in Eindhoven. Thirty nine visitors and speakers attended. Judging from the amount of talk and the relaxed atmosphere it was a big success.

In conclusion this years T-DOSE was another success. We hope to see you all next year.

A big thanks goes to the sponsors (http://www.t-dose.org/sponsors) and to all volunteers that helped during preparation and the event itself. Special thanks goes to the guys from WifiSoft for providing us with Wireless and Wired network connectivity. And of course thanks also goes to the Fontys University of Applied Science for the event location. Without your support T-DOSE could not have existed. Thanks !!