T-DOSE past, present and future

  • Posted on: 17 June 2007
  • By: jpsaman

T-DOSE 2006: past

The T-DOSE organisation wants to thank everybody who helped making its first event a success. We want to thank sponsors, volunteers, speakers and spectators for their support and attendance at the events location. It was a busy weekend with more then twenty speakers and two hundred attendees. Pictures of T-DOSE 2006 can be found on Flickr.

On Saturday night the speakers diner was on the agenda. After closing and cleaning up the conference location all headed for the Greek restaurant. The speakers diner turned out to be more a social event, since besides speakers also visitors attended the evening. It was a big success. The evening was sponsered by X-Tend.

At the event a questioneer was conducted among the attendees. The general consensus was that talks and subjects were of good quality. Many found the Auditorium of the Technical University of Eindhoven a perfect place for this kind of events. Although the location is rather big for two hundered attendees. On the other side this also allows T-DOSE to grow in future.

Talks were held in English and in Dutch. In the questioneer people indicated that they prefered if all talks were held in English tonque. The rationale is that it would give T-DOSE a more international character which would match the quality of the talks and that a lot of speakers where not of Dutch origin.

T-DOSE 2007: Present and Future

The last months we wrapped up the finances and organisational issues for T-DOSE 2006 and started planning for T-DOSE 2007. We won't change much in the formula. There will still be speakers, conference rooms, developer rooms, an Open Source market, sponsors and wireless network.

What does change?

  • All talks will be held in English language.
  • New will be a social event on Saturday evening. Last years diner was so successfull that we decided to make this an official part of T-DOSE 2007.
  • The date:T-DOSE 2007 will be held on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 october 2007

We, Jeroen and Jean-Paul, hope to see you all again on T-DOSE 2007. Bring along all your geek friends to make T-DOSE 2007 bigger and as much fun as last year.