Tam Hanna

Born in Vienna, Austria; I am fluent in English/German and can additionally speak French and Arabic. The fascination of the entrepreneurial life style and my love for mobile computing led to the founding of Tamoggemon Software in 2004. For me, code alone is irrelevant - only through many cycles of painstaking UI design, marketing and fine tuning can an excellent application be made. Thus, I decided to become fluent with concepts like Extreme Programming and - to some extent - test-driven development.

Tamoggemon's Palm OS applications have thus managed to gain a cult-like following in their target sectors; and have been praised by analysts for their ease of use. The same can be said of the products released for Symbian OS. I have always felt a strong urge to share my knowledge with others. Thus, I became active in the online publishing sector and have permanently expanded my portfolio so that it now includes a total of four news services that have thousands of readers a day.

Being a member of the Vienna Journalists Club has provided me with access to low-cost flights. This has allowed me to outsource my network programming to Sweden and has also enabled me to frequently visit and cover international events like the CeBit and the London Smartphone Roadshow. The Austrian magazine "Der neue Kriminalbeamte" and the leading IT security magazine "hakin9" both value my technical expertise and frequently assign me to new and interesting topics all over the computer security and "network culture" scenes. I furthermore cover a variety of developer-related content for various magazines of the S&S publishing house.

When not working on company projects, I love to spend my leisure time travelling, reading technology, marketing and other scientific books, photographing, swimming, cooking, listening to music, visiting art exhibitions - and, last but not least, sometimes taking a stab at computer gaming.

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