Drupal for e-learning

  • Posted on: 5 September 2013
  • By: ericsol
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Eric Sol
Track 2 (main)
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Drupal for e-learning [SLIDES]

This presentation will address three main topics:
- current "state of affairs" for Drupal as an e-learning platform
- some results we've achieved in two recent Drupal projects:
* partnerinbalans.nl, an e-learning platform for people who have partners suffering from Alzheimer's disease
* klikopwerk.nl, a human-resources platform that provides online assessment and matching
- an outlook on how to build a beautiful e-learning platform in Drupal

Drupal is both a Content Management System (CMS) and a framework. If handled well building in Drupal can be extremely productive and the template layer is very flexible. I will discuss the use of Drupal for content delivery, messaging and online collaboration, content creation, assessment, workflow and statistics.
I will discuss some existing projects and profiles like ELMS, Course and Quiz and why you may or may not like them. From my experience with Drupal staying close to core and near-core modules is a life-saver on the long run. Therefore my objective with a new initiative is to stay away from massive coding or profiles with a large number of dependencies. The end result will more likely be a semi-finished product with a cookbook on how to integratie them in a plain Drupal distribution.

Klikopwerk.nl is a data driven application with a strong workflow. It contains hundreds of questions and scores for each candidate are matched within seconds against more than 600 professions. As in larger (e-learning) applications it is indispensable to carefully consider Drupal's storage concepts: entities, field collections and (multivalue) fields.
Partnerinbalans.nl is used in a mixed online and face-to-face environment. Each learner is presented a selection of 4 learning modules. Each module consists of an introduction, a video, an assignment and a personal roadmap. Each learner is assigned a coach. It contains no custom modules but uses views and page manager to assemble a learning module.

I am seeking collaboration and assignments to continue this work as this will ease budgetting, enhance concepts and help us address real-world problems.

16:00 - 17:00 hrs
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