Developing open source software as an external consultant

Author: Mark Hooijkaas

In this talk I will describe two pieces of open source software that I developed while working as an external consultant for two different clients. I will also present my situation and motivation for choosing open source, my approach and experiences so far. Note: both projects are currently not publically known or available.

The first piece of open source software I developed was a java library called db4j, and was used as object relational mapping for Java. Nowadays I would probably use hibernate, but some years ago, hibernate was not really an option. This library has been in use in an important order fulfillment application of a large Telecom operator. I have the pleasure of revisiting the application after 3 years since I left, and to see it still as vibrant as ever.

The second piece of open source software is a Java module called the RelayConnector for a commercial ESB and BPM product called Cordys. The RelayConnector started as an itch a few months ago, and has since been used in unexpected manners in several related projects. I have some ideas to extend it's functionality in new directions including the HttpConnector, EsbConnector and As400Connector.

Some background information about me can be found on my (dutch) website: