IntraZis, the (almost open source) EPD/EPR/EPJ and more

Author: Jeroen Baten

Within the st Antoniushospital we have been developing an EPD/EPR/EPJ (lingo for Electronic Patient Dossier/Record/Journal) for over a decade. Currently all medical personal uses this application and it handles 300 concurrent user sessions off the more then 5000 people working at once from any of 8 locations at st Antoniushospital. The EPF/ERP/EPJ contains records from over 1 million patients and its associated documents.

In this talk we will tell you about the ins and outs (statuas, decursus), the daily usage, the privacy policy it uses, the software development model and the future as we see it. For the Dutch audience, this has NOTHING to do with 'het landelijke EPD' project!