Since the start of T-DOSE exams and certifications from LPI on Linux and Open Source topics have taken place during the conference. For the first time at T-DOSE: exam LPI 303 on the subject ‘Security’. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) offers all its available exams in English language: LPI 101 and 102 for LPIC-1, LPI 201 and 202 for LPIC-2, LPI 301, LPI 302 and LPI 303 for LPIC-3.

The exams will take place on saturday, 3rd october at 14:00 p.m. Advance reservation is recommended. For reservations go to the web formular at this address: http://lpievent.lpice.eu

Meeting point for all participants will be 15 minutes prior to examination begin in the exam room.

Price Advantages for T-DOSE Visitors

Visitors of T-DOSE 2009 pay 75 EUR for any LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 examination as well as for the examinations LPI 302 and LPI 303. For examination 301, a fee of 95 EUR will be charged. This corresponds to about half of the standard fee charged in a testcenter. The exam is offered as a paper exam.

Terms of Payment and Registration

The participation fees for all offers must be paid in cash before the examination. Participants must produce valid photo identification and a valid LPI-Identification number. The LPI-identification number must be applied for under following URL: http://www.lpi.org/caf/Xamman/register

Update of the Examination Objectives

Important for all LPIC-1 and -2 candidates: At T-DOSE 2009 only LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 examinations according to the new objectives will be offered. On April 1st, 2009 new versions of the exams to the certification programs LPIC-1 (examination LPI 101 and 102) and LPIC-2 (examination LPI 201 and 202) were released. For details on the new examination versions and their contents refer to the LPI websites:
http://www.lpice.eu/LPIC-Programma.52.0.html?&L=3 and http://www.lpi.org/eng/certification/the_lpic_program

Please direct any inquiries concerning the LPI examination to LPI Central Europe via email to: lpievent@lpice.eu