Hostingvereniging Soleus - Community-driven Virtual Private Servers & more...

Author: Harmen de Ruiter

There are a gazillion different vendors of Virtual Private Servers in the world. You can get the exact VPS you like for the price you're willing to pay on the location you desire with the SLA you need. But wherever you look, there is one thing common between them, they're all set up with one thing in mind, making money.

Hostingvereniging Soleus is something refreshingly different. Started in the late 2007 with something totally different in mind, building a free, open and welcome community. It's a non-commercial organisation willing to help people extend their knowledge, work together, inspire people and be social.

The talk will be about what Soleus is all about, how it started, what it's goals are, etc. Of course there will be some tech involved. The setup they're using is simple but interesting and constantly evolving.

But, we'll only scratch the surface there. Don't expect a very technical talk, but do expect something inspirational...