The year of the Wiimote

Author: Dag Wieers

This presentation will look at using the wiimote for controlling your Linux system. Last year we brainstormed about all the possible uses of a Wiimote for giving presentations, this year we looked at what survived the storm, what is practically useful and how we broadened the scope.

A new project, called WiiPresent, allows to control your Linux computer with a Nintendo Wii Remote. At T-DOSE 2009 the WiiPresent project has a booth with a demo-setup and will provide "Wiimotes" and bluetooth dongles to any speaker or user who wants to try it out.

The project is looking for feedback from speakers willing to test and use the Wiimote for their presentation at T-DOSE. In particular we would like to learn what application support is missing, create distribution packages and what improvements we can make so WiiPresent works out of the box and is as convenient as possible.

More information inside the WiiPresent flyer

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