Writing a book for Manning Publications Co.

Author: Bruno Lowagie

In 2005, Bruno Lowagie was offered a book contract to write a book about iText, a Free/Open Source Java-PDF library. In his talk, Bruno describes the process that started with the idea "there should be a book about iText" and resulted in the book "iText in Action".

Writing a book is team work; it involves many people:
- the assistant of the publisher
- the acquisition manager
- the publisher
- the developmental editor
- the review manager
- the reviewers
- the production manager
- the copy editor
- the technical editor
- the proof reader
- the cover designer
- the layout designer

The book was a success and currently Bruno is preparing a second book about iText: the publisher wants a revision of "iText in Action"; Bruno wants to write a new book.

An interesting talk for everyone who dreams of writing a book for a publisher in the IT sector.