26 and 27 October 2013

How much automation do you need?
LibrePlan, from 1.3 to 1.4. A small step in version, a large step for humanity?
Xerte online Toolkit
Building New SQL
Dulwich: Discovering the basics of Git
New SQL Security Approach
Free as in Freedom, how Free Software can save you from PRISM
CQRS - Architecture for scalable web applications
Workshop: PDF-KungFoo with Ghostscript & Co.
Building your own anti-burglary system
GCW Zero: the making of an open source handheld game console
The Unix operating system: a quick but advanced introduction
Manage your digital (media) assets across applications with MediaMosa
Drupal for e-learning
Open source middleware for Internet of Things
EasyHacks in LibreOffce
Opleidingen moeten leren met een office-programma om te gaan!
Creating a SElinux module for cgi scripts
The Internet of Things
15 j Open source bij Don Bosco Wilrijk (Antwerpen), infrastructuur en ondersteunende applicaties in een kleine schoolomgeving.
Open (source) hardware in het (basis)onderwijs: MakeyMakey, Arduino (en Scratchboard/Picoboard?)
Bigger data with PostgreSQL 9
Scaling the cloud
Put your data on a map!
Vim Workshop
"Open Source Onderwijs"; de gang van zaken.
Hogeschool Leiden kiest voor LPI certificering bij Pearson.
Open ICT is een basisvoorziening
Open Invention Network as the practical solution for open source community against patent aggression
Fighting latency: How to optimize your system using perf
Scratch4arduino meets the Arduino robot
Deugt Website@School eigenlijk wel?
Presentatie: Linux Flavourz Education Foundation
LPI Exams
Openness at HKU Music & Technology
De Pinguïn houdt van Muzikanten!
Het dagelijkse leven anno 2050
De 'open' generatiekloof anno 2013
OpenTaal - Taal is van ons allemaal
Project 'Je PC na XP'
Moving CFEngine 3 forward
Ganeti: virtualisation clusters for Linux.
What's happening with DNSSEC?
Bash: a Neglected Tool With a Lot of Possibilities (An Introduction)
ixi-Play an Android based robot buddy for young kids
The Unix command line interface and its tools: a quick but advanced introduction