Jeroen Baten

Jeroen Baten is author of at least five books about Open Source. He has his own company I2RS. Jeroen is specialised in Linux and Open Source and a well known speaker in the Netherlands. His best known book is called “Linux in bedrijf”. He is initiator and member of "Vereniging Open Source Nederland (VOSN)" and " Open Source Business Club (OSBC)". He also wrote educational books for Linux Professional Institute (LPI level 1 and 2).

Talk: IntraZis, the (almost open source) EPD/EPR/EPJ and more

Lennart Benschop

Lennart Benschop has been a Linux user since July 1992. He obtained his PhD at the Eindhoven University of Technology in 1997.
Since then he has been working at what is now called AuthenTec B.V. in Vught. He specializes in embedded software development and functional verification for cryptographic hardware. He has extensive knowledge of device driver development on the Linux platform and network security protocols such as IPsec and SSL.

Talk: Coreboot: the Open Source BIOS.

Diego Biurrun

Diego Biurrun As a FOSS enthusiast with a CS background, my work on MPlayer and FFmpeg (now Libav) has sucked up most of my free time for longer than I dare to admit. My roles in those projects have covered documentation, hacking, license compliance and whatever odd jobs happened to be in need of doing.
My bills over the last few years have been paid for by network administration and embedded development.
When away from the keyboard, I like to do sports, mingle with people and shorten my queue of unread books.

Talk: FOSS Licensing Introduction

Stef Bon

Stef Bon Born in the Zaanstreek, a region just above Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1967.
After Atheneum I went to study Mathematics in Enschede, a city near the German border. Specialized myself there in the use of computer for doing calculations on turbulence and the diffusion of heat and other physical processes. Of course I learned to use the computer, in the beginning Fortan and Pascal.
I started to work as programmer, working with Clipper, for different companies, like City Rotterdam Assurances, and a company selling software to traders in flowers.
At this moment I live in Voorburg, near Den Hage, with my two cats, Nelis and Pinjo.
My interest is making Linux better for an arbitrary user, not having knowledge and don't want to learn. The project I'm working on is born out of this desire: make Linux more userfriendly, so users can find their way in no time.

Talk: Using FUSE to create a userfriendly layer.

Kris Buytaert

Kris Buytaert Kris Buytaert is a long time Linux and Open Source Consultant doing Linux and Open Source projects in Belgium , Europe and the rest of the universe. He is currently working for Inuits, and starting up some new projects.

Kris is the Co-Author of Virtualization with Xen ,used to be the maintainer of the openMosix HOWTO and author of different technical publications. He is a frequent speaker at different international conferences.

He spends most of his time working on Linux Clustering (both HA and HPC), Virtualisation and Large Infrastructure Management projects hence trying to build infrastructures that can survive the 10th floor test, better known today as the cloud.

His blog titled "Everything is a Freaking DNS Problem" can be found at http://www.krisbuytaert.be/blog/

Talk: Automating Complex Infrastructures

Colin Charles

Colin Charles Colin Charles works at Monty Program Ab, on MariaDB, and Open Ocean Investments on Web of Trust, and MoSync. He lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and had worked at MySQL since 2005. Before joining MySQL, he worked actively on the Fedora and OpenOffice.org projects. He's spoken at many conferences - linux.conf.au, The MySQL Conference & Expo, foss.in, to name a few. He was Program Chair for the O'Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2008-2011.

Talk: MariaDB: The New M in LAMP
Talk: The MySQL Storage Engines Landscape

Gratien D'haese

Gratien D'haese Gratien D'haese is a Belgian independent IT Consultant who is already 25 years active in the Unix world (and with Linux since its invention in 1991). Gratien has a broad experience with Unix in general, Unix networking and security, big system administration tasks, clustering, consultancy and project management.

Gratien is co-founder and main designer of Relax and Recover (rear) together with Schlomo Schapiro (from Germany). The web site of rear is located at http://rear.sourceforge.net/

He is also a Board member of one of the first Linux-SIGs in Belgium (of the Open Technology Assembly) where he has given lots of talks on Open Source topics (see http://www.ota.be/linux/workshops/).

Gratien is still the project leader of the Open Source project "Make CD-ROM Recovery (mkcdrec)" which is the forerunner of rear - see http://mkcdrec.ota.be/

Talk: The end of the Internet as we know today (Exploring Ipv6)

Rudi van Drunen

Rudi van Drunen Rudi van Drunen is CTO of Competa IT. Apart of having a family life, he likes to be immersed in Open Technology, esp. UNIX, Linux et al.. Next to that he's pretty much hardware oriented and likes layer 1-3 more than all the above. Rudi is a Board member of the NLUUG and a regular speaker and teacher at USENIX conferences. He chaired LISA10.

Talk: Where Open Maths meets OpenVPN

Wim Godden

Wim Godden Wim Godden is the owner and principal consultant at Cu.be. He has been working with PHP since 1996. In 1999, he developed the advertising software phpAdsNew (now OpenX) and in the years following worked with a wide range of technologies (from PHP over database clusters to Internet backbone infrastructure design).

Since 2005, he's been involved in the construction of several PHP-based CMS and CRM systems at some of the largest Belgian companies and has served as team lead and system/software architect at some of the largest Belgian companies.

Talk: Caching and Tuning fun for high scalability
Talk: Beyond PHP : it's not (just) about the code !

Hans de Goede

Hans de Goede Hans has been a Linux developer since 1996, working on a wide variety of projects, including maintaining 200 packages in Fedora, various hwmon kernel drivers, rewriting and merging many out of tree webcam drivers into the mainline kernel, libv4l a userspace library to transparently handle the decompression of many proprietary webcam video formats in userspace.
Since 2008 Hans works for Red Hat, besides continuing all the FOSS work he did before, at Red Hat he has worked on anaconda the Fedora / Red Hat installer, parted (the partition tool) and currently works on Spice and usb-redirection under qemu.

Talk: Spice "Open remote computing" introduction and presentation of the new USB redirection support.
Talk: State of Linux gaming

Casper Gielen

Casper Gielen Casper Gielen is a Unix adminstrator (root) at the University of Tilburg with an in interest in networking and security and a passion for Linux. He has been using Linux since 1996 and DNSSEC since 2009 and has migrated over 200 domains.

Talk: DNSSEC for DNS-administrators

Koen Kooi

Koen Kooi I am the lead developer of the Angstrom distribution, a core developer of the OpenEmbedded project and my speaking experiences includes, but is not limited to ELC, ELC-E, Bossaconference in Brazil, GULEV in Mexico, FOSDEM in Brussels and LinuxTag in Berlin.

Talk: Embedded Systemd - booting userspace in less than 1 second.

Steve Maddison

Steve Maddison Steve’s fascination with all things computer-related started in his early childhood and has since developed into a diverse career spanning more than 12 years. Starting out in software development, his professional interests gradually spread into systems administration and architecture. Complementary to his current role as Senior UNIX Engineer at Competa, Steve remains a keen programmer who enjoys contributing to open source projects in his spare time, in which he can also often be found tinkering with the various machines in his classic computer and game system collection.

Talk: Open Source Handhelds

Cor Nouws

Cor Nouws Cor Nouws is one of the founding members of The Document Foundation, the organisation behind LibreOffice. Before working LibreOffice, Cor Nouws has contributed for years in the OpenOffice.org community, also as member of the Community Council.
His involvement in the open source office community is a natural combination with his position as founder of leading OpenOffice.org / LibreOffice consulting firm Nou&Off.

Talk: Easy Hacking LibreOffice

Evgeny Panferov

Evgeny Panferov Evgeny Panferov was born in 1976 in Krasnodar, Russia. I was graduated in applied math at Kuban State University in 1998, trained in theory and several languages and paradigms and is employed in IT since 1997.

I participated in several web projects, including bankir.ru. I have designed and programmed platzcart.com (e-commerce service) almost solely.

I also created and maintain three tiny Open Source projects:

In UNIX-way i trust. I believe all the programs should be tiny and perform exactly ONE TASK.

Talk: Database is enough
Talk: Unicode has murdered The Alphabet

Simon Phipps

Simon Phipps A well-known and respected leader in the Free software community, computer industry veteran Simon Phipps has been involved at a strategic level in some of the world’s leading technology companies. In addition to senior leadership positions he has worked in such hands-on roles as field engineer, programmer and systems analyst, as well as run a software publishing company. He worked with OSI standards in the eighties, on the first commercial collaborative conferencing software in the nineties, and helped introduce both Java and XML at IBM. He was a founding Director of the Open Mobile Alliance.

Today he is Chief Strategy Officer at ForgeRock, an independent software vendor devoted to true open source development of an identity-oriented software platform, I3.

He takes an active interest in several Free and Open Source software organisations, serving as a Director of the Open Source Initiative and on the advisory board of Open Source for America. A widely read thought-leader, he publishes regularly both on his own blog and in many other places such as IDG’s ComputerWorldUK. He is part of FossAlliance, a group of proven international consultants for free and open source software.

In mid-2000 he joined Sun Microsystems where he helped pioneer Sun’s employee blogging, social media and community engagement programmes. In 2005 he was appointed Chief Open Source Officer, coordinating Sun’s extensive participation in Free and Open Source software communities until he left in 2010. In that role he oversaw the conversion to Free software of the full Java platform, the Solaris UNIX operating system, the SPARC architecture and the rest of Sun’s broad software portfolio, all under OSI-approved Free licenses.

He has been an outspoken advocate of the value of Open Document Format (ODF) and other truly open standards for businesses and governments. He has been an advisor to local and national government agencies across Europe, the Pacific Rim and Latin America as they have devised and implemented strategies around Free and Open Source software and is a co-founder of the FossAlliance consulting alliance.

He holds a degree in electronic engineering and is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the British Computer Society. His personal home page and blog is http://www.webmink.com.

Talk: Keynote

Fabien Pinckaers

Fabien Pinckaers By the age of 13, Fabien Pinckaers developed and sold his first enterprise management software for "Les Taxis Verts" and a few others companies. Soon after, at 18 years old he created his own company and hired his first three employees while still in the university. He undergone his studies at EPL ­ UCL, Louvain­la­Neuve in Belgium, specializing in Computer Engineering. Currently, he is the CEO of OpenERP s.a., company founded in 2002, with offices in Belgium, California and India. OpenERP, an open source business applications suite, has become the most popular and most installed enterprise management software with more than 1.000 downloads/week. The “New Bill Gates is Belgian”, as called by the magazine Trends Tendances” (16 June 09) has developed other significant projects like Auction­in­Europe.com, which is now the leader on the Belgian art market on the web and sells more objects then ebay.be per month. Moreover, he has been the founder and manager of the biggest European Linux store: OpenStuff. To add, Fabien is also the founder of the LUG (Linux User Group) of Louvain­la­ Neuve, and other open source projects like OpenReport and Tiny Report.

Throughout the years, Fabien has been awarded several prizes that mirror his capabilities as a
skilled developer, as well as a business man. Some of the awards he has received Wired (1997 and
1999 ), Inscene (2000 ) and INSEAD Innogator Prize: Innogator of the year (2010). He is author of
a few books, one of them has been a best-seller on amazon.fr.

Talk: Rapid Application Development with Open Object

Dmitri Popov

Dmitri Popov Dimitri Popov has been writing exclusively about Linux and open source software for many years, and his articles have appeared in Danish, British, US, German, and Russian magazines and websites. Dmitri is an avid amateur photographer, and he writes about open source photography tools on his Scribbles and Snaps blog at scribblesandsnaps.wordpress.com

Talk: Linux-based Photography Workflow

Pedro Rio

Pedro Rio Pedro Rio is a member of iTds R&D group since 2009, following his Master in Computer Science (FCT-UNL). Within this group, which is responsible for maintaining the eXtensible Enterprise Objects Framework (recently released as open-source available in www.xeoframework.org), Pedro has been dedicated to several component development and for the framework's documentation, open-source web site and also providing support to XEO consultants and special custom modifications to XEO applications

Talk: XEO, an open source web development framework

Michiel Roos

Michiel Roos Michiel Roos has been an open source enthusiast since 1996. He obtained his
bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering in Arnhem in 1998. He started out as a
PHP web-developer and later specialized in the development of TYPO3 extensions.
Currently he is a Senior Software Architect as MaxServ. Maybe you know him as the ex
dam team leader and developer of the nc_staticfilecache extension for TYPO3.

Lately he has been busy building researching Amazon web services and building search
solutions using TYPO3 and Solr.

Talk: TYPO3

Ariane van der Steldt

Ariane van der Steldt Ariane joined OpenBSD in 2009. Since then she has been involved in the virtual memory subsystems of OpenBSD.
Her first big commit to OpenBSD, a physical memory allocator, happened in 2009 and was backed out 2 weeks later, only to be put back into the kernel in 2010. Currently, she's working on a virtual memory allocator.

Talk: Memory allocators in modern Operating Systems

Rob Snelders

Rob Snelders Rob Snelders is a software engineer since 2008 with experience in developing sales-software. I work for Brabantia. Since a few years I am activly involved with Ubuntu Netherlands and T-Dose. This year I also got involved in the LibreOffice-project.

Talk: Creating your own ODF-documents

Toshaan Bharvani

Bharvani Toshaan Toshaan started with computers at the age of 5, when his father gave him the components to build his first computer. He quickly learned how to manage hardware. After that he started using the propitiatory platform. Later he learned about the Open Source Software and converted to Linux. Starting with SuSE, then switching to Fedora and now to CentOS. After finishing his university studies, he now works in the family business, where he is a IT consultant.

Talk: KVM optimization of virtual machines
Talk: SELinux, more than just a label

Jelmer Vernooij

Jelmer Vernooij Jelmer Vernooij is a member of the global Samba Team, a loose-knit group of about 20 people who contribute regularly to Samba. Together with John H. Terpstra, he is editor of the ``The Official Samba-3 HOWTO and Reference Guide'', published by Prentice Hall.

He has been using free and open source software since 1997 and has contributed to various open source projects, such as Samba, OpenChange, Debian and Ubuntu. During the day, Jelmer works on Bazaar and Ubuntu at Canonical Ltd.

Talk: Samba 4: Active Directory Domain Controllers

Marc Vloermans

Marc Vloermans Marc is strategy advisor and business developer in the area of open technologies and is Partner with the international OS Consultancy Agency 'Age of Peers' (www.ageofpeers.com). He has many years of experience as a strategist and marketeer inside and outside of the open source community. Besides his chairmanship of the OS-supplier association OSSLO (www.osslo.nl) he is speaker, writer ('Open Source Inside') and columnist (www.computable.nl) on open technologies (source, standards and data). More information you can find on www.linkedin.com/in/marcvloemans.

Talk: Software re-use; New opportunities for open source developers and service suppliers.

Dag Wieers

Dag Wieers Dag Wieers is a freelance Linux and Open Source consultant, working for international companies (mostly, in technology, banking and broadcasting markets). Main competencies include architecting and automating workflow, systems management, documentation and knowledge transfer and leading technical teams. He loves lightweight processes and keeps it simple. Dag is seen as technical by managers and non-technical by kernel developers. He is often related with RPM packages, CentOS, Red Hat Wiimotes, proxytunnel and dstat, although he prefers not to be typecasted in any shape or form. Less information is available from his blog at http://dag.wieers.com/blog/. Dag Wieers lives in Flanders, speaks Dutch and has absolutely no cat.

Talk: Using Libreoffice/OpenOffice as a documentation toolchain