Jan Stedehouder

Jan Stedehouder studied Societal History at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam with a strong focus on the crossroads of communication and policy-issues. This focus led to a career encompassing educational innovation on the Netherlands Antilles and developing projects and methodologies targeted at promoting the development of groups at the low end of the Dutch society. Apart from this Jan is a writer, columnist and journalist, primarily dealing with Linux, open source en open standards from the perspective of end-users, or -as he calls them – 'W2L migrators'. He wrote or contributed to various books in this domain. His articles are published in BSD Magazine, LinuxBizz magazine, SoftwareBus and on the Digiplace website. Jan's most recent endeavor is Transparante Zaken (Transparent Affairs), a joint project with IT reporter Brenno de Winter, based on the premise that 'open' is sometimes not enough, but should be complemented by 'transparency'. This fall he is working on his first book for the English-speaking market.

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