Spice "Open remote computing" introduction and presentation of the new USB redirection support.

Author: Hans de Goede

This talk has two parts.

1. An introduction to Spice
In one sentence: "The Spice project aims to provide a complete open source solution for interaction with virtualized desktop services." This part will give an overview of:
-What Spice is
-How Spice works (globally)
-What makes it better then using ie vnc to access a remote virtual machine
-Future features

2. Redirection of USB devices to a virtual machine
USB redirection is using USB devices attached to a real machine inside a virtual machine (guest). The focus of the talk will be the special case where the USB device being redirected is not attached to the physical machine hosting the virtual machine, but to some other machine. The talk will present and discuss the ongoing work to create an FOSS solution for this, getting this merged into upstream qemu, as well is integrating this into Spice and the Spice-client.
The intended audience are people who would like to learn more about Spice in general, who are interested in deploying a virtualization solution using Spice or who are interested in usb in virtual machines (vusb) both developers and users. The audience is expected to be familiar with generic virtualization concepts, but no deep technical knowledge is required.

The purposes of this talk are:
-To inform people about the Spice protocol and the Spice project
-To inform people about the new USB redirection support in qemu and Spice
-Get feedback for future versions
-Hopefully get people to use Spice and maybe even become contributors