Eric Hameleers

Eric Hameleers is a Linux user since the 0.99 kernel releases and ran into Slackware Linux around 1995. The first need to make modifications to Slackware occurred when Eric joined IBM and was doomed to use Token Ring for which there was no support in the network scripts :-) Rather than applying his patches again after every new Slackware installation, Eric decided it would be better to convince Pat Volkerding about adding them to Slackware.

From that point onwards, his involvement with Slackware became ever stronger. Wireless network support was added, much effort went into the Slackware installer and better support for non-western languages. The latest release - 13.0 - saw the birth of an official 64bit port for which Eric was the initiator and main developer.

Eric is one of the Slackware core team members. He also maintains a repository of non-official Slackware packages and scripts, is one of the admins of the website (a community site for quality-tested Slackware package scripts), and writes in-depth documentation for Slackware on his own Wiki.

He was born in the Netherlands and still lives there, with his wife, son and several small animals.