Rapid Application Development with Open Object

Author: Fabien Pinckaers

Open Object is an open source Python framework that lets you build your enterprise applications extremely fastly and easily. Open Object is the framework used by the leading open source enterprise management software: Open ERP (http://www.openerp.com).

It includes an ORM, a workflow engine, several report designers, a MDX engine, a dashboard designer, a module system, a process designer, an automated migration engine, web-services, and much more...

When you develop on Open Object, you get a web (Ajax) and a rich application (GTK & QT) with the same code. Open Object has also more than 350 modules dedicated to enterprise management: crm, sales, accounting, document management system, BI, etc.

In this talk, I will show how to develop a complete business application in a few minutes. The scenario will be based on a school management application need. The application will cover: planning of courses, management of students and teachers, different reports, workflow of courses, subscription and link to an internal documentation management system and a student portal.