Joek van Montfort

  • Posted on: 20 September 2012
  • By: joek

I'm a mathematician with a not so standard career. I worked 10 years at Staalplaat (independent music shop) and 10 years at Dutch Rail Company NS. Since 2002 I'm self employed with focus on computers in education. In 2010 I realised that learning about building computers (software, things, ...) is much more interesting than learning on using computers. I founded Scratchweb in 2011 with the ambition to get computational skills in Dutch curriculum. Scratch is an open source programming environment which encourages children of any age to create stories, animtions, simulations and much more.
Most of 2012/2013 I worked on the first Scarcth conference on this side of the Atlantic. Besides Scratch there was a lot op Snap! Arduino and RaspberryPi involved in this conference.