Cecil Westerhof

  • Posted on: 25 September 2013
  • By: CecilWesterhof

Cecil Westerhof is a polymath who has extensive experience with Linux. He has installed a multitude of servers and loves technical challenges. He uses Bash as glue to connect the various Linux tools. He has founded a group on LinkedIn about Bash and uses Bash for a lot of things including video and photo editing. Combined with postscript he uses Bash to make slide-shows and graphical quotes. He also has no problem using the Java H2 database with Bash. He also started a Bash library on GitHub.

He has experience in a variety of languages ​​and activities. He has been involved in the construction of new applications, maintenance, troubleshooting, conversions, user support, defining specifications with the user, FO, TO and writing different kinds of documentation.
He also designed, implemented and put into use a generic test environment for a customer where there where very serious problems with the quality of the delivered software.

Because of his extensive knowledge in different areas, he can be a linking pin between those areas.

If you want to reach him about the presentation: T-DOSE@Decebal.nl.