Ernst ter Horst

  • Posted on: 13 September 2014
  • By: Ernst ter Horst

Hi, my name is Ernst ter Horst. I make a living producing films. More importantly, I am a regular Joe, a citizen of The Netherlands, living in Eindhoven. And as a citizen I am increasingly worried about the unlimited gathering of information about … well about me. Or, more precise, ‘everything’ about me: where I go, when I go there, for how long, what and with whom I talk, chat or e-mail, what I communicate about, what I look for on the net, what web pages I visit, what images are posted of me by family and friends, what medical care I get, what medicine or therapy I need, what groceries I buy, where and when I buy them, etcetera, etcetera. I do not think I am a very paranoid person, but, when analyzed as Big Data all this seemingly minimal information turns into a profile about every aspect of my life, and about ALL our lives. We ALL are being profiled like criminals all the time in a way very similar to stalking. Last time I checked, a criminal offence indeed. Still this has become common practice among marketers and government agencies.
Add to that the wide scale collection of information for “economic purposes, commonly called ‘corporate espionage’ or ‘theft’ by government agencies and you can see a society emerge we should be very critical of.
So what can you do? To begin with, you can start protecting your personal data when, where and however you can. To start with, in your computer and smart phone. And that is exactly what Ï want you to do. Protect yourself, protect your company, protect your client’s data.
The Privacy Café I help set up at T-DOSE is an initiative of Bits of Freedom. A representative of the Bits of Freedom Privacy Café will take about 45 minutes to introduce the privacy issue. Following that introduction there will be an opportunity to learn about tools to protect yourself and a chance to discuss privacy. I hope you will be there.