Martin Simons Webhuis

  • Posted on: 13 October 2013
  • By: Webhuis

In development and systems management as of 1984.
Masters degree in Economics UvA BIK.
Started Webhuis in 1999

Started using CFEngine in 2007
CFEngine 3 course in Los Angeles, Vertical Sysadmins trainer Brian Bennett

2013 The popular Debian Linux distribution is falling behind with regards to the CFEngine development. CFEngine is developing at a remarkable speed within version 3, so I initiated a global team in order to close the gap.

Please find us on: The debian-team are now moving towards (co)maintainership of the CFEngine3 Debian package.

The debian-team will be present at 2013 London CFEngine education Tech talks at and . A German speaking course in Germany is in preparation.